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Hire The Local Experts With Global Reach

Hire The Local Experts With Global Reach

I Hired The Building Expert, And Am Thrilled I Did!

One more exclamation mark! The whole layout of the main page for my unit looks GREAT! I am sending it to everyone I know -- it is fabulous and I love everything about it. Now we rock on!!

-Karen M. Lockwood, Esq.

Jeff Can Help With Everything

We were walking around our neighborhood and, pointing at a house, my son Max said 'Mom, do you like that house?' I said yes. He said, 'You can buy it online. Jeff can help you.' I laughed, then he said, 'Jeff can help with everything.

-Christin Blyumin and Max, her 3 year old son

Wonderful, Wonderful Job, Mr. Wilson...

I knew there was some staging done and wow, you've made it even more gorgeous! Wonderful, wonderful job, Mr. Wilson, you certainly deserve all the kudos you've been given as a remarkable agent!

-Lorrie Pesheck

Jeff Came To Us With A Full Price Offer...

We are glad — even enthusiastic! — to recommend Jeff and his team highly to anyone seeking to sell or buy property in either the Chevy Chase suburbs or the greater Washington area. Jeff came to us with a full price offer with no contingencies within three weeks of placing our home on the market. It was our greatest dream come true and greatly facilitated our transition from our home of many years into retirement living. His knowledge of the local market and its nuances certainly helped to get us to that moment; he knew exactly where we fit and what price we were likely to command. Beyond that, however, it was his outright honesty and openness that made us feel entirely comfortable as we went through the process. And his helpfulness and willingness to work with us to achieve our mutual goal will never be forgotten.

-Barbara Bissell

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